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Out of Many, One People

Jamaica is a great destination for everyone and every occasion. While many venture to Jamaica to tan and relax on the breathtaking beaches, there is also a plethora of activities to keep travelers busy.

Avid snorkelers and scuba divers will enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and exotic marine life. Coffee lovers will take pleasure in the delicious home-grown coffee from the famous Jamaican Blue Mountains, which are also ideal for hiking and horseback riding. Sightseers will want to climb the world-famous 600-foot-high Dunn's River Falls, and bird-lovers will enjoy the Rocklands Feeding Station, home to Jamaica’s 27 native species. Those who want to see beautiful sunsets should partake in the Jamaican tradition and head over to the famous Rick’s Cafe in Negril, where visitors will not only see magnificent sunset views, but also watch brave cliff-jumpers dive into the crystal-clear water.

A villa vacation in Jamaica is also unique in that many of our villas come with a full staff (chef, butler, housekeeper and laundress) included. The friendly staff will treat you with their “No problem, mon” service, where everything you desire is at your beck and call.

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What Does It Mean to Have a Full Staff at Your Service?

If you’ve never stayed in a staffed villa before, you may be confused as to why you would need a personal chef, butler, or housekeeper at your service. Maybe you think it would be awkward to have extra people around, or perhaps you’re concerned that the staff will get in the way of your privacy.

Rest assured, your villa staff is only there to make your vacation as flawless as can be. Your staff is dedicated to anticipating your every need without intruding, and you can interact as little or as much as you’d like – though many guests grow to adore their chef, butler, or housekeeper and are sad to leave them at the end of their stay!

What exactly does it mean to have a full villa staff at your service? 

A Truly Carefree Vacation

Between juggling schedules, preparing large group meals, securing reservations, and navigating a new destination, vacations can be…stressful. The primary role of your staff is to make sure your stay is truly avacation from everyday life – in other words, as carefree and seamless as possible. That means taking care of all the details, from preparing your meals to handling your laundry to taking care of restaurant reservations, so you don’t ever have to stress over the little things.

Local Culture with a Personalized Touch

When you’re visiting a destination for the first time, you’re not always aware of what’s available to you, and you might miss out on those little-know cultural experiences that can make a vacation memorable. Your villa staff, on the other hand, is usually comprised of locals who know all the insider secrets and are eager to show them to you. Your house manager will arrange personalized activities like beach luaus or boat tours, your chef will customize local delicacies to suite your tastes and preferences, and your butler will ensure you have all your comforts from home, like making sure your favorite coffee or newspaper is waiting for you every morning.

Professional Assistance with Special Events 

Many guests stay in villas to commemorate milestone birthdays, celebrate an anniversary or honeymoon, or host a wedding. Your chef, butler, bartender, and other staff members are professionals when it comes to special events, and will go out of their way to make your celebration remarkable. Your chef will prepare themed dinners and cake for the birthday guest; your housekeeper will prepare a drawn bath with candles and flowers for honeymooners; and your butler will surpass your wedding guests’ expectations with impeccable service. A fully staffed villa makes throwing even the biggest celebration easy, so you can just sit back and enjoy the moment.