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Unspoiled Paradise

St. John isn’t only the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands – it is also, by far, the greenest. The lush Virgin Islands National Park takes up approximately 60% of the island, making St. John one of the most pristine, unspoiled islands in the Caribbean. The Virgin Islands National Park contains a staggering array of ecosystems, including forests, ponds, coral reefs, beaches, and mangroves. Take a tranquil walk through the park, lounge on the island’s legendary white-sand beaches, or take a kayak or boat tour through crystal-clear water. 

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    Restaurant Recommendations 

    Spyglass: This restaurant is located in Wharfside Village and offers outside dining overlooking Cruz Bay. It's a fun place to hang out and watch sailboats come and go in the water below. Check it out for happy hour to get great prices on drinks and food.

    Must Try: 

    • Conch Fritters – particularly flavorful because they come with spicy, sweet pepper sauce
    • Rum & Coke Buffalo Wings – an exciting and tasty twist on a classic dish

    Aqua Bistro: Located in Coral Bay, this restaurant is well worth a visit. It offers very casual outside dining and is a local favorite. The restaurant and bar has people passing through all day long — and everyone seems to know each other! The restaurant is on the backside of the property, and the bar is toward the front. There is also a small market and a few shops on the outskirts of the venue.

    Must Try: 

    •  Raspberry Daquiri – delicious!
    • Grouper Fingers – lightly battered morsels of fresh white fish, served with a creamy tartar sauce for dipping
    • Shrimp Basil Crab Cake – very large and served with a delicate sauce
    • Off the dinner menu – try the Black Bean Soup and the Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi

    Featured St. John Villas