Choosing the Best Time to Visit Greece

By considering these tips for a glimpse into Greece's seasons, you can make sure that your dream vacation to this historically-rich and breathtaking island is everything you hoped.

The truth is, there's no wrong time to rent luxury villas in Greece. With a temperate climate, plentiful pristine beaches and endless activities and sights to see, there is hardly a shortage of things to do at any point of the year. Still, depending on your interests and tastes, there might be a season that better fits your ideal trip. By considering these tips for a glimpse into Greece's seasons, you can make sure that your dream vacation to this historically-rich and breathtaking island is everything you hoped.

While November to March is a slow season for Greece, there are still reasons to seek out luxury rentals during these months. This is a particularly optimal time for winter sports enthusiasts and families to visit one of the many ski centers around the mainland. The chic Aráchova resort in in Viotia, Southern Greece, modern Mainalo resort or the enormous and popular Karpenissi resort all have picturesque slopes and first-class facilities.

Additionally, the feast of St. Nikolas on Dec. 6 marks the beginning of the joyful holiday season in Greece. On Dec. 23 and 24, there is a traditional holiday Bonfire Festival at Agios Panteleimonas, and if you find yourself ringing in the new year in Greece, there are plenty of city-sponsored fireworks, concerts and other festivities. However, it's important to realize that many museums, shops and other businesses remain closed through this season.

Between March and June, Greece is bursting with blossoming trees and flowers. Though heavy rains are typical during early spring, temperatures rise in late April and it's usually warm enough to swim. Also, as the days are longer, there is more time to wander through the lush hillsides, visit historic churches and stop by other outdoor attractions. Parades and festivities commence with May Day and the Feast of the Flowers, which is typically celebrated in the Old City in the last weeks of the month along with a Medieval Festival. As an added perk, International Monuments Day is May 18 and ensures free admission to all museums and archaeological sites.

The peak season brings an abundance of tourists from all around the globe - and with good reason: The weather is ideal for basking on the coastal beaches as well as enjoying the vivacious nightlife. Temperatures rise in the Aegean Sea to their highest all year, making it the perfect time for swimming. Moreover, you can be sure that essentially all businesses and attractions will be open, and usually even have longer hours. 

This time of year presents an ideal opportunity to engage with locals and learn about their culinary traditions. Every October, harvest workers in the southwest Peloponnese pick olives from thousands of trees to produce the region's signature spicy olive oil, and The Costa Navarino's Messinian Authenticity Program gives visitors the chance to immerse themselves into the process from start to finish. On your break, savor a picnic lunch of spanakopita, fruit and wine under the shade of an olive tree. Local Greek cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi also teaches classes on the island of Kea, where you can engage in tastings while learning to prepare traditional breads and pies, roasted lamb and other dishes.

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