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  4. Sample the Sweeter Side of Barbados at the Agapey Chocolate Factory

Booking Caribbean villas when heading to Barbados ensures that your vacation will be one for the ages. Yet vacationers looking for a taste of the sweet life may want to schedule some time at the Agapey Chocolate Factory.<

The Agapey Chocolate Factory allows travelers to get a firsthand glimpse at the process behind one of the region's most popular treats. Educated tour guides will lead visitors on a journey through the chocolate making process, from selecting of the best beans to the creation of chocolate bars.<

Vacationers with a sweet tooth will be happy to hear that there's also a tasting session at the end of the adventure.<

Of course, the best way to enjoy your stay in Barbados is by booking luxury rentals in the area. One of the best is undoubtedly the Aliseo, a nine-bedroom house located on the Sandy Lane Estate. From its elegant décor to its palatial settings, this luxury vacation villa offers you and up to 17 of your friends an astounding destination to launch an exploration of the island and the Caribbean as a whole.