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With its stunning shorelines, delectable dining and wide assortment of villa vacation rentals, Hawaii is a natural paradise for adult travelers. Of course, just because you spend your days on the golf course working on your drives and your evenings at a romantic restaurant cozying up to that special someone, doesn't mean you can't still have fun like a kid. For those of us who like our entertainment lively, fun – and perhaps a bit ribald – a trip to Warren and Annabelle's Magic could be a great way to spend a night in the Aloha State.<

Located in the western city of Lahaina, a quick trip from most Hawaiian villas in Maui, Warren and Annabelle's Magic is a lively dinner theater show that is strictly adults only. Your evening starts with a lengthy cocktail service, where guests can both fill up on local spirits and be entertained by one, as the in-house ghost known as Annabelle will take the helm of the theater's piano and kick out some of the best tunes of the past. The audacious apparition will tickle the ivories as you enjoy some tasty appetizers and desserts in an elegant lounge setting.<

After the warm-up act, guests move into the theater itself, where master magician Warren Gibson hits the stage for an interactive performance that combines classic comedy routines with sleight of hand that must be seen to be believed. Depending on the night, Gibson may not be the only magician on the bill, as travelling tricksters regularly populate the lineup, including well-known acts like Dana Daniels, Chris Blackmore, John George and John Shryock.<

As the shows are highly interactive, no two performances are ever the same, making this one of the hottest tickets in town. With only six rows in its intimate theater, seats have been known to sell out quickly, so the theater's website recommends that travelers book well in advance.<

After an evening of entertainment, it will be nice to return to luxury rentals that allow for a more mature and relaxing experience. Couples looking for a secluded getaway might enjoy a stay in the Makai Nalu Cottage. This cozy one-bedroom cottage is an ideal place to reconnect with your significant other thanks to its stunning sunset views, its comfy Balinese bed and a private swimming pool perfect for a late night dip with that special someone.