Find the Best Spot to Surf on Oahu

It's no surprise that Oahu is an awesome travel destination, but you might not have known just how prime the waves are on this Hawaiian island.

It's no surprise that Oahu is an awesome travel destination, but you might not know just how prime the waves are on this Hawaiian island. Whether you're a pro at hanging 10 or hitting the surf for the very first time, you can't miss out on attempting to stand tall on a surfboard when you reserve luxury rentals in Hawaii. The island is loaded with some of the most beautiful beaches, many of which are considered among the top surf spots in the world. When you're gearing up for your adventurous vacation, be sure to put at least a few of these sandy coastlines on your agenda:

Sunset Beach
The two-mile beach spans from Ehukai Beach to Sunset Point, which means that there is no shortage of reef breaks for surfers to test their skills on. Considered one of the longest rideable surf spots in the world, the venue frequently hosts big surf competitions - one of the most noteworthy being the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, which happens between November and December. Because of its size, you won't have to worry about getting in other surfers' way, so you can fearlessly hit the water without anyone standing in your path.

Lanikai Beach
Ranked among the best beaches in the world, Lanikai can be found in the residential Kailua neighborhood, and while it may seem like a cozy, quiet spot, the surf here is great for relaxed or beginner surfers. The waves along the coast are rather tame, so this can be the perfect place to learn how to mount your board, but if you're looking for a bit more thrill, you can consider taking a ride to one of two mini islands, called the Mokuluas or "Moks," and find more adventurous breaks in the water.

Waimea Bay
Attention surfers: Waimea Bay is no joke. While the spot might be deceiving to those who visit during the summer, when the bay waters are as calm as your local pond, winter brings the serious thrill, with waves breaking between 12 and 15 feet high. Lifeguards are constantly on watch, and the beach aims to hire the most skilled and experienced in the business to make sure that everyone's safety is the top priority.

Ala Moana
If you're looking to ride waves with Hawaiian locals, then Ala Moana is the place to visit. In the summer, the waves are at their peak, but it's still one of the more mellow areas to surf, so novice riders and young swimmers might enjoy this locale best. Meaning "path to the sea," the park is a great destination if you're staying in an Oahu villa rental and are looking for a place to take a beginner surf lesson and get comfortable with your board.

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