Heal a Broken Heart in These Exotic Locales

Traveling to a new locale can not only give you a new perspective and fresh start, but it can open your heart to new relationships, too.

It's time to put down the chocolate bars, hide your sappy movie collection and get over that ex. Whether you just went through a divorce, ended a messy relationship or are still hung up over a former fling, sometimes all you need is a little kick in the butt to move on and see the brighter side of things. Consider giving yourself a kick all the way to Costa Rica, Hawaii or Italy to get your mind off that certain someone. Traveling to a new locale can not only give you a new perspective and fresh start, but it can open your heart to new relationships, too.

Ready to start anew? Put these destinations on your travel radar and before you know it, you'll forget all about that certain someone.

If "Eat, Pray, Love" didn't convince you, maybe thinking about focaccia, rosemary olive oil and Chianti that's out of this world will do the trick. Often featured in hit movies, regions in Italy like Tuscany are premier places to plan solo adventures spent exploring the land. Give yourself the ultimate treatment by choosing any of the gorgeous villas in Tuscany for your stay, and jam-pack your trip with excursions like vineyard tours, cycling foodie trips and day visits to nearby regions like Liguria. You'll meet welcoming locals who will give you some stellar cooking tips you can bring back home, or you can even take a wine course and use your knowledge to impress future dates when you're ready to get back in the saddle.

Catching the Pacific sunrise at Haleakala in Maui instantly puts life's little melodramas into perspective. Suddenly, all you care about is the rainbow of crimson, cerulean, lilac and marigold hues painting the sky and whether you have your camera on the right settings to capture its jaw-dropping beauty. Something as minuscule as a two-month relationship doesn't seem like that big of a deal anymore, and you might even feel an urge to introduce yourself to the attractive vacationer in the neighboring villa rental. A place like Maui has a landscape and atmosphere so different from virtually anywhere in the U.S. that you have no choice but to start fresh and move on. Try new foods, pick up mangoes from street vendors and start your mornings with macadamia nut pancakes - do everything you can to soak up Hawaiian culture, because you'll only have photographs and memories when you return home.

Costa Rica
An adrenaline rush is another awesome way to wipe your mind clear. Costa Rica's brimming with opportunities to get the heart pumping, such as zip lining across through the tropical rain forest, hiking across mountainous terrain and exploring wildlife areas like Corcovado National Park. After waking up in a lavish luxury rental, you can enjoy hours of solitude to yourself on the gorgeous Nosara Beach or along the northern coast in Tortuguero. The bottom line is, you'll have much more exhilarating activities to accomplish than wallowing over an ex.

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