Must-See Mexico: 4 South of the Border Locations You Won't Want to Miss

Mexico boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, and it's fast-becoming a world-class destination for golf, shopping, cuisine, and more. We're sharing where to go, where to stay, and what to see while you visit.

For many, sunshine, seas, and luxury amenities are an absolute must for any great vacation, and Mexico offers all that and more. With its rich and diverse cultural history, world-class cities, top-notch beaches, and natural wonders, Mexico is a must-see for anyone looking for a true adventure. It’s often overlooked, though it definitely shouldn’t be. The options and opportunities for adventure in Mexico are endless.

Here are four places in Mexico you absolutely need to visit, along with things to do, sights to see, and places where you should definitely rest your head.

Casa Tres Soles: 9 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms in Punta Mita

Punta Mita

Nestled within a 1,500-acre private peninsula, Punta Mita offers visitors the ultimate blend of land and sea getaways. Visitors often say that when they visit Punta Mita, they arrive as a guest, but leave as family. This idyllic tropical getaway is home to multimillion-dollar estates, championship golf courses, and so much more. It attracts visitors from around the world with its stunning vistas, exotic flavors, and picturesque beaches on three sides. Dive the vibrant reefs, paddle-board the turquoise seas, or simply relax and unwind by your private pool – all the while experiencing why Punta Mita is such a pristine slice of paradise.

Where to Stay: Casa Tres Soles - With 9 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, this impressive estate offers uninterrupted ocean views in all directions

Ventana: 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Want to truly get away from it all? Puerto Vallarta might just be the cool drink of refreshment you need. Surrounded by golden beaches and palm-covered mountains, it’s an exquisite place for guests to relax and recharge. Adventure-seekers find their escape here with endless opportunities for thrill and delight. Go sky-diving, or paraglide over some of Mexico’s most majestic peaks. Best of all, you’re ideally located to some of the finest resorts where delicious cuisine, refreshing drinks, and parties abound. Our Puerto Vallarta villas simply add more to the already wildly popular atmosphere with private pools, beach access, and more.

Where to Stay: Ventana - This stunning villa offers 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms and is an architectural masterpiece, blending modern and traditional Mexican design.

Casa La Laguna: 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms in Los Cabos

Los Cabos

By now, you’ve probably heard of Cabo San Lucas, made popular by merriment makers from around the world. Los Cabos is the collective name for two towns found at the southern tip of the Baja, San Jose del Cabo, and Los Cabos. Known worldwide for its beach resorts, championship golf, sport fishing and beyond, Los Cabos offers guests the best of the best – as well as 360 days of sun per year. Enjoy the reverie and fine dining in the central hubs, or indulge in some of the world’s best fishing at the Marlin Capital of the World. Let your Los Cabos villa chef transform your catch of the day, or dine on some of the best seafood at local restaurants.

Where to Stay: Casa La Laguna - Make it a getaway to remember at one of Los Cabos' most expansive beachfront homes, featuring 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

Miramar: 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya

Adventure comes standard in Riviera Maya. This strip of flawless Caribbean coastline offers guests heavenly beaches, complete with powder-soft sand, warm cerulean seas, and local attractions you absolutely won’t want to miss. Transport yourself to another time when you explore ancient Mayan villages or swim by the only archaeological sit on the sea. Rappel into a cenote, or dive into the breathtaking underground pool called Yaxmuul. Feast your eyes on colorful beaches, awe-inspiring sunsets, and underground rivers you have to see to believe. If you’re ready to come alive like never before, our Riviera Maya villas offer the ultimate backdrop for your stay.

Where to Stay: Miramar - Delight in breathtaking beach and sea views at one of the newest oceanfront villas, offering guests 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Make memories like never before with a Mexico villa vacation. With its clear skies, delightful seas, and some of the friendliest people you’ve ever met, Mexico is sure to leave a lasting impression…and keep you coming back for more.