See Modern Mexico in Acapulco Diamante

Some travelers looking to book villas in Mexico may already have an idea of what to expect from the resort town.

Some travelers looking to book villas in Mexico may already have an idea of what to expect from the resort town. From acrobatic cliff divers plummeting gracefully into the Pacific to familiar luxury retail outlets in the city's shopping centers, this well-traveled destination has a lot to offer. While these classic attractions are certainly worth a look during your tropical vacation, what if you'd prefer a peak at Mexico's more modern marvels? For those of us who prefer our seafront wonders to be a bit more hip, a trip to Acapulco Diamante could certainly scratch that itch.

Just the Basics
Acapulco Diamante is a small portion of the city in the southwest, located just across from bay from Old Acapulco. In recent years, the area has made a name for itself with its high-end luxury restaurants, shops and resorts, allowing luxury travelers to better immerse themselves in their Latin American experience. Best of all, the area has yet to catch on with many tourists, meaning the crowds are considerably lighter than other areas of the city.

Dine in Style
One of the area's greatest attractions is its delectable selection of restaurants, and whether you're looking for a cool café where you can sip cappuccino or a chic bistro where you can enjoy a unique take on classic Mexican fare, the region is rich in culinary culture. Sample sumptuous ceviche at La Vela, sip a cocktail and enjoy an appetizer at Pool Bar, or dine on elegant European delights at Cabo Diamante - the choices are endless.

Of course, if you book luxury vacation villas in Acapulco, you can always opt for a private chef who can prepare world-class meals in the luxury of your own home away from home.

Memorable Souvenirs
Though not the greatest place to shop if you're looking for that traditional T-shirt or Mexican flag, Acapulco Diamante is home to a number of great and luxurious boutiques, shops and stores. While many of the shop owners in Old Acapulco will attempt to barter with you for goods and services, you won't find much of that in Acapulco Diamante, as the luxury items on sale in this area of town are considerably better regulated.

Find Luxury Nearby
While the area offers a wealth of attractions for the luxury traveler, you will find plenty of upscale accommodations throughout the region. One of the best locales to enjoy in the area is the stunning Villa Ensueno. This seven-bedroom home in the private hillside community of La Cima overlooks the beautiful Puerto Marquez Bay and Acapulco Diamante, and features a sizable infinity pool, a full-size game room and fully-equipped luxury kitchen. The villa fits up to 16 people, and will place visitors at the center of the action for the modern attractions of Acapulco Diamante and more classic locales throughout the rest of the city.

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