Stroll Through Puerto Vallarta for a Perfect Mexican Experience

There's no shortage of historic spots in Mexico.

There's no shortage of historic spots in Mexico. You could be vacationing at luxury rentals anywhere from Riviera Maya to Los Cabos and never be too far from fascinating sites that delve into the area's past. When you stay at villas in Puerto Vallarta, for example, you're very close to Los Arcos and El Malecón, which are widely regarded as some of the most recognizable locales in all of Mexico and are definitely worthy of a spot on your itinerary. 

Los Arcos and El Malecón
The stunning site known as Los Arcos consists of a row of stone arches towering over the coast in the oceanfront square of Plaza Morelos. Once the home of a large outdoor amphitheater, this site regularly hosted dances, performances, and cultural events. Today, Los Arcos still sees many live street performances take place in its surrounding area, so it can be a spectacular location to check out if you rent luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta and want to see some of the local flair. 

El Malecón refers to the stretch of land that leads to Los Arcos, much of which has been transformed into a beautiful boardwalk that winds along the coast. This 1-mile pathway contains some wonderful examples of sculptures, statues and fountains that are sure to spur on your imagination while also providing a great place to snap some photographs. 

When to Visit
You'll want to fit time in your schedule to visit Los Arcos and El Malecón, and luckily any time of day is ideal to trek to  these historic sites. You'll be able to enjoy a quieter atmosphere in the early morning or evening, and you'll have the added benefit of getting to see a dazzling sunset among the stone arches. This also frees up the rest of your day to spend at the sparkling beaches near your private villas in Mexico

No matter when you stroll through, you're bound to see a few artists and merchants showing off their skills and wares along the way. One of their items could make for the perfect memento from your trip, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an offering you like. 

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