The Best Spots to Explore in Costa Rica

One of the most adventurous places to vacation can also be one of the most luxurious - as long as you know where to stay.

The most adventurous places to vacation can also be the most luxurious - as long as you know where to stay. Booking luxury rentals in Costa Rica allows you to combine adrenaline-pumping activities with glamorous accommodations fit for elite globetrotters, and with some proper planning, you can make sure that you visit the best beaches, rainforests and nightlife spots the exotic country has to offer.

If Costa Rica is your ideal destination, here are some potential trip enhancements that will keep you happy and busy all vacation long:

Nicoya Peninsula
For sun and sand worshippers, Nicoya Peninsula is the place to go. Palm trees line the 80-mile shoreline, and the soft sand is ideal for those who could spend all morning and afternoon soaking up the sun's rays. One of the best beaches, according to past Costa Rica travelers, is Nosara, which is a great place to take that special someone on a romantic sunset walk. Stretching from the northwestern tip of Costa Rica and hugging the Pacific, this peninsula could be a great day trip, even if it's a short drive from your luxury vacation rental.

Compared with the Amazon Rainforest, this massive, wild stretch of land dominates the northern coast with canals, rivers and lush vegetation. One of the most telling signs of the region, however, is how the tropical rainforest got its name. A large number of turtles dominate Tortuguero and nest along the coastline in April and May. If you want to see this natural process, you can plan your trip to the tropical locale during these months, but the land is spectacular to see during any time of year.

Corcovado National Park
If wildlife is what you're aiming to see, then Corcovado should be at the top of your list. Covering 11,000 acres, the rainforest is brimming with exotic birds, indigenous insects and beautiful wild animals like jaguars, howler monkeys, macaws and tapirs. Be sure to set your alarms before you go, as the best time to view some of the most unique species is in the early hours of the day. You should set aside the whole day for exploring, because you just won't be able to fit enough sightseeing into a few hours.

After days of relaxing and getting pampered at your Costa Rican villa rental, you can satisfy your thrill-seeking nature with a trip to Arenal, one of the dozens of volcanoes found in the country. While many are dormant, this one still erupts typically in the evening, so you might want to plan for a night trip to see quite a spectacular show. Hiking trails, vantage points for perfect sunsets, hot springs and La Fortuna waterfall surround this impressive site, meaning that your whole day might be booked up before you know it!

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