The Dominican Republic: See What Our Villa Specialists Say Sets it Apart

Our villa specialists recently visited the Dominican Republic, and they're weighing in on what makes it the ultimate tropical getaway for any occasion.

Our villa team recently took a trip, themselves, to experience and savor the local flair – all to better provide the ultimate vacation for you. With world-renowned beaches, over 800 miles of pristine coastline, lush rainforests and dramatic waterfalls, breathtaking mountain ranges, and beyond, it’s a world of contrasts that delivers the ultimate island escape. So, we asked them some questions, and they gave us their very best answers, all of which will help you tailor your Dominican Republic villa getaway to your wants and needs.  Let’s see what they have to say…

Visit one of the many world-class beaches that the Dominican Republic is known for

What makes the Dominican Republic truly stand out as a vacation location?

Lauren Bent – Villa Specialist: Of course the main attraction for most guests are the beautiful beaches and gorgeous turquoise sea, but once you have traveled there you really fall in love with the culture and the warmth of the people, who truly have a passion for making sure that you have an absolutely amazing experience in their country.

Carly Caruso – Product Content Coordinator: There was no shortage of beautiful beaches that were very well taken care of.  The resorts are very safe and secure and the locals were very friendly.  

What activities do you recommend visitors to the Dominican Republic try?

Snorkeling is one of the most popular watersports and attractions in the Dominican Republic

Amber Blahnik – Web Designer: I’d say definitely try a local excursion. I had the most fun on the day we went out on the catamaran boat trip and we got to let loose a little bit with the locals. They were all so incredibly friendly and got everyone smiling, laughing and dancing. I felt like I truly experienced the Caribbean this day.

Lauren Bent – Villa Specialist: Anything that gets you out on the water! Go snorkeling, diving, kayaking, or paddle boarding, and definitely look into boat charters. There are also so many ways to explore on land, like hiking, horseback riding, and ATV adventures. Plus, golf enthusiasts are in heaven here.

If you could only stay in one villa in the Dominican Republic from now on, which would you choose, and why?

Oceania // 6 Bedroom, 6.5 Bathroom in Cap Cana

Erin Ridgeway – Customer Care Manager: Las Hamacas (“The Hammocks”) in Cap Cana! This is outdoor living at its finest. It's situated on a beautiful stretch of private beach with plenty of outdoor space and an abundance of hammocks to soak it all in. Everything about this property screamed “luxury”— from the interior design and furniture all the way down to the hardware and linens.

Annie Flogaus – Villa Specialist: Villa Oceania, hands down, because it has the most beautiful, well-separated bedrooms, multiple living areas, and direct sea access. I could spend several days at the villa without ever having to leave for anything.

Are there any local dishes, drinks, or restaurants that are an absolute must for visitors?

Try the chef-prepared paella while in the Dominican Republic

Kristen Mesmin – Senior Villa Specialist: The chef prepared seafood Paella and the local juice were wonderful.  Also, the restaurants at Casa de Campo are amazing and an excellent value with the all-inclusive plan offered through Casa De Campo.   

Erin Ridgeway – Customer Care Manager:  Mangu (mashed plantains) and Mofongo (fried mashed plantains with pork cracklings) are a must try. I actually didn't like plantains until I visited the Dominican Republic!

If you could describe the Dominican Republic in just three adjectives to encompass the experience and overall vibe, what would those be?

Damian Reid – Villa Concierge: Luxurious, captivating, and peaceful

Annie Flogaus – Villa Specialist: Sunny, chilled-out, and pampered

So, there you have it...and we’re sure it’s not just us! The Dominican Republic is utterly captivating, and it’s calling you to experience all it has to offer. Browse our selection of Dominican Republic villas, and see where your next great escape could take you.