Top Barbados Experience: Harrison’s Cave

Explore the beauty of Barbados – above and below. Harrison’s Cave is a can’t-miss attraction, and one our team is happy to arrange it for you during your Villa Vacation.

If you thought Barbados was beautiful above ground, just wait until you see what’s below. The magnificent Harrison’s Cave is one of Barbados’ greatest natural wonders – and a must-see attraction. Located in the middle of the country, about 5 miles from Holetown and Bathsheba Beach, it features flowing streams, deep pools of crystal-clear water, and dramatic stalactites and stalagmites. 

Harrison's Cave


Named after Thomas Harrison, a prominent landowner, the caves were the focus of several expeditions in the 18th and 19th centuries… but no one got very far. The cave’s entrances were hard to access, and its network of snaking underground passages presented a number of challenges. It wasn’t later, until the 1970s, that the caves were really explored.

After 1974, the Barbados government started developing Harrison’s Cave a s a show cave and attraction, undertaking the task of excavating shafts and tunnels that could accommodate trams. And, in 1981, the site was opened to the public.

Group exploring Harrison's Cave on an Eco-Adventure Tour


Beyond its main passageway, Boyce Tunnel, Harrison’s Cave unveils a jaw-dropping stream cave system that’s at least 2.3 kilometers (1.4 miles) long. The largest cavern, the Great Hall measures 15 meters (just over 49 feet) high and touts stalagmites that constantly grows.

Ready to explore the cave yourself? There are plenty of different experiences to select – ranging from tram tours to scenic tours of nearby natural trail – which your personal concierge can arrange for you.