Blast Those Final Pounds Before Your Caribbean Vacation

So it's officially spring, and your big, exotic Caribbean vacation is just weeks away.

So it's officially spring, and your upcoming stay at an exotic Caribbean luxury rental is just weeks away. Don't worry - you still have time to get in shape and flaunt your best beach body ever. Up to this point you've (hopefully) been keeping up with a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables, whole grains and omega-3s, but now it's crunch time. Time to kick your behind into workout gear.

One of the biggest concerns that people are vocal about is that they have a strong exercise regimen but still don't see any results. The most effective solution is to switch up your routine, sometimes drastically. Out of all the methods out there, two routines are certainly worth incorporating into your traditional regimen. After a few weeks using these strenuous workouts, you'll be bursting with confidence as you arrive at your beautiful Caribbean villas and strip down to your stylish swimwear.

If you've tried it before, you know just how hard a spin class can whip your tush. These classes are one of the most rigorous cardio workouts you can find, and they're typically offered as part of the group fitness schedule at your local gym. Every instructor has to earn a special certification to lead a course, and while the most reputable and commonly known group is SPINNING, other organizations are out there, too. Each class is about 45 minutes to an hour, and by the end, you should burn between 800 and 1,000 calories, depending upon how hard you were pedaling. While the workout focuses mainly on your thighs and glutes, your core is targeted as well. Typically, your teacher will shout out reminders to keep your center strong and aligned so you know you'll be getting the results you want.

Insider Tip: Los Angeles and New York City have sparked a "SoulCycle" craze, which is a trademarked version of the class that emphasizes sticking with the beat of the music played throughout the class - no matter how fast it's going. These intense cycling studios are cropping up in more places, so keep your eyes peeled for them in your area.

Circuit Training
The two key phrases in exercise are "tone" and "torch calories." If you can do both together, what could be better than that? Circuit workouts are often the best way to accomplish this, as you are increasing your heart rate with the rapid shifts in movement, but are also targeting particular muscles with every move. The essential areas to focus on are typically your abs, thighs, arms and glutes, and with a combination of leg lifts, squats, planks and pushups, you'll be well on your way to achieving that killer beach body. Between each of these circuits, you can really blast the calories by doing cardio bursts - running, jumping jacks or cycling will do the trick.

Insider Tip: Have a park, beach or pond near where you live? Do your circuit workout outside! Breathing in clean open air in natural surroundings can be the most effective and rewarding way to work out.

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