Find the Best Vintage Boutiques in Paris

It doesn't take long to realize why Paris has such an amazing style reputation once you've arrived in the city.

Once you've arrived in Paris, It doesn't take long to realize why the city has such an amazing reputation for style. While you'll already have begun to appreciate its architectural style - your luxury rental is surely stunning, after all - you probably have yet to dive into its fashion realm. If you're being perfectly honest with yourself, you're a bit intimidated by it all. It doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience, however, as long as you know the right places to shop. 

You might at first be distracted by storefronts that boast names like Chanel, Dior and Versace, but the real treasure of Parisian fashion is in the city's vintage boutiques. Here are some of the best shops in the city to find unique secondhand pieces that will surely give any outfit of yours a lift during your glamorous vacation in Paris.

Omaya Vintage
It's hard to keep treasures like Omaya Vintage a secret, but a secondhand shop like this is one of those places you wish you could keep all to yourself. It attracts shoppers of all styles - trend-setters, punk rockers, and even preppy fashionistas - with an array of wares from the '70s and '80s, including military jackets, jumpers, vintage T-shirts and high-heeled shoes in virtually mint condition.

The wooden storefront and bold lettering on Rue de Rosiers are hard to miss, and you'll be glad you didn't when you step foot in Coiffeur. The store is packed with vintage sweaters, silk dresses, retro boots and purses in styles, like the satchel, that are super trendy right now. This boutique seems to specialize in styles for warmer weather, so you won't find many floor-length maxi dresses or frocks here. If it's spring and summer you're yearning for, however, this is your place. Flower-printed tops and dresses come in rows, so sprucing up your wardrobe with vibrant colors will be no problem.

Vintage Bar
The winding staircase, red-velvet curtains and racks upon racks of one-of-a-kind items make this secondhand shop a treasured find in France's fashion capital. After you've picked up a few adorable outfits at another Paris boutique, be sure to stop in this well-known shop on Rue de la Verrerie for some vintage accessories. Its jewelry selection will astound you, which makes it perfect for newcomers to the thrift shop craze, who might want to start with a statement piece to pair with a contemporary ensemble.

If you're looking for the solution to that musty smell that comes with thrift shopping, GoldyMama has what you need. The boutique can be found on Rue du Surmelin, and the most unique thing about the store is its care and attention to every single item. They clean, iron and display each piece like it's a work of art, so that skirt from the 1950s looks as pristine as it did 60 years ago. Before you head back to your Paris luxury rental, you can treat yourself to something sweet at GoldyMama's "Bar à Bonbons," which offers caramels, boiled sweets and other goodies right in its cozy shop.

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