Find Your Perfect Swimsuit Style for 2013

The latest trends in swimwear don't always involve barely there suits or the flashiest colors.

The latest trends in swimwear don't always involve barely there suits or the flashiest colors. Instead, many stylish beachgoers are opting for softer vintage styles that might leave more to the imagination, rather than blinding their fellow sand dwellers even more than the brilliant tropical sun might already be doing. If you need a lesson on what types of suits to pack for your vacation at one of the most glamorous luxury rentals in the world, then be sure to take a few notes on the latest styles for 2013 before reaching for that teeny string bikini. 

Here are some highlights from shows like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Miami's Fashion Week Swim:

A way to eliminate overpacking and be ready for adventure at all times is by wearing versatile clothing that can transform into day or nightwear. Many of the suits that strutted across the runway from this year's collections have a shape that could also act as a top when partnered with a long, flowy skirt or pants and heels for a night out on the town. Whether you're heading out for drinks and dancing or a classy dinner with a loved one, these sizzling styles feature a bold variety of prints and cuts that are flirty but not too revealing. If you're wearing a daring neckline, then make sure it's a one-piece that complements a summer skirt, and if it's a cropped bustier, don't show off much skin other than your midriff to keep the look clean and put together. A little skin is necessary when you're staying somewhere like Turks and Caicos or the Bahamas.

Feminine is In
We've all seen the sportier-looking suits with athletic stripes and zippers that look more like a volleyball team's ensemble than a designer bathing suit for lounging on spotless beaches. However, this year, the girlier the better, according to top designers from all over the world. Luli Fama Swimwear is one prime example, where bandeau tops are layered in ruffles and bottoms are finished with lace and crochet details to make them  look as soft and feminine as possible. Some more modest looks like tankinis are perfect for those who might not feel confident in their swimwear, as it hides problem areas and flaunts other parts of the body that make a woman feel beautiful and girly.

It may seem strange on the beach, but toting eye-catching accessories like headpieces, flashy visors or chunky bracelets and necklaces are all ways to feel even more glamorous when you plan vacations at Caribbean villas. Take one look at gorgeous stars like Rihanna and Gisele Bundchen and you'll notice that they're flaunting the same beach trends while standup paddle boarding or strolling along the shore. Veer away from certain metals that might get hot under the blazing sun and try leather, turquoise and funky costume jewelry that will still make a statement with the rest of your hot beach look.

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