Get the Star Treatment on Your Next Airport Adventure

You've solidified your plans to vacation at a luxury rental in the Caribbean and you're well on your way to having a getaway fit for any celebrity.

You've solidified your plans to vacation at a luxury rental in the Caribbean and you're well on your way to having a getaway fit for any celebrity. The only thing standing in the way of your royal treatment? A visit to the airport. Even the most experienced fliers have to shuffle their way through security checkpoints and baggage claims, feeling more like a sheep in a herd than a globetrotter gearing up for a glam vacation. If you're tired of the average treatment upon boarding your flight, there might actually be a solution for you.

Even if you're not a celebrity, it turns out you can fly like one. If you're willing to dish out the dollars for royal treatment, airlines across the globe are ready to grant you special services in return, according to The Associated Press.

Here are some ways you can glamify your vacation experience even before you arrive at your Caribbean villas:

Travel Escort? Yes Please
Travel hubs like LAX, JFK and O'Hare can be intimidating because of how busy they are 24/7, even if you're a seasoned traveler. Private escort services are available to guide those who could use the extra hand from the moment they arrive to the second before they board their plane, the news source reports.

At some prime airports, there's even a separate lounge area where these VIP passengers can relax in comfort and luxury away from all the stressed and impatient travelers. Do you feel like a diva yet? Just wait, there's more.

Real VIPs Board Last
Most airlines allow their premium flyers to board the plane first, but the real luxury treatment, according to many airlines, is giving them the option of hopping on the plane last. One of the perks behind this treatment is that celebrities won't have swarms of fans on the plane asking for their autograph as they walk by, but there are reasons that even you can enjoy this offering. You can order that one last cocktail at the airport bar and still rest assured that there will be plenty of space in the overhead for your carry-on, because airline personnel make sure of that, according to the news source.

Last Step: Travel in Style
To be treated like a celebrity, you'll want to dress like one. We've all seen photos of Jessica Alba or Halle Berry and other Hollywood A-listers walking through airports in effortlessly chic travel duds. The trick is to remember that comfort is key, but to separate yourself from the "regular" travelers, you have to look polished as well. Fitted jeans, a maxi skirt and tailored shorts are all comfortable, casual and chic options that can pair well with shoes that slip on and off easily, such as flats, sneakers like Keds or sandals. Final touch? A classy hat and sunglasses, and you officially fit the glamtrotter mold.

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