How to Capture Your Exotic Vacation Perfectly Through Photographs

While there aren't many steps involved in taking a prized photo, getting the end results that you want is actually a much more difficult feat than you may think.

Pick a subject. Point. Shoot. Seems easy, right? While there aren't many steps involved in taking a photo, getting the results that you want is actually a much more difficult feat than you may think. While some travelers are content with any symbol of their vacation - blurry, off-centered, dim lighting - others aren't satisfied until they've achieved the perfect shot. After you've planned your vacation to one of the most beautiful luxury rentals you've ever seen, it's time to start prepping the savvy photographer in you. For those of you who have adapted to today's modern ways, here are some Instagram and smartphone tips to help you nail a beautiful photo in one try (or maybe a few).

Keep Your Device Close
Of course, the number one tip is to be prepared for that ideal shot at all times. If you use your smartphone, this rule is pretty easy to follow, as it's rare that you're not traveling with your phone in your purse or pocket. While some visits on your exotic vacation might be no-brainers as prime photo opportunities, others might sneak up on you. To help guarantee you can snap away when a colorful, exotic bird lands on your daughter's shoulder, have your device close to your side throughout your vacation. You'll be thanking yourself when you return home.

Use the Camera App
While Instagram is an awesome way to beautify your photograph with its vintage filters and stylings, your main concern when taking a picture is getting the shot at the right angle and capturing something that is high quality without any gimmicks. JD Andrews, an Instagram and travel photo pro, told Mashable that the camera app is the way to go.

"I recommend taking photos with the camera app so you can get a few different angles and shots, then bringing them into Instagram for cropping and filters," Andrews told the news source.

In addition, he also advises for travelers to keep in mind the size restrictions Instagram has, and that the end result posted on the social media platform will be a small square rather than its full size and resolution.

Less is More
In many cases, a sparkling Caribbean beach, a tropical rainforest at sunrise or children wrapped up in towels on the terrace of their luxury vacation rental are beautiful images as is. The only duty you have to make the moment permanent on film is to keep a steady hand and click - not choose between "Valencia" or "Amaro" filters on your phone. While these features are fun, sometimes, they are just frills and can actually take away from the beauty of the shot. Before you play around with your picture, it's important to look at the scene and decide whether or not you need to doctor the photo to make it just the way you want it. If you still aren't sure, you can save an original copy and then make adjustments on a duplicate photo instead.

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