How to Weigh Your Travel Planning Options

Lately, the number of options for booking a vacation is almost too overwhelming to handle.

Lately, the number of options for booking a vacation is almost too overwhelming to handle. Hotels, online community marketplaces and vacation rental agencies give you such a vast scope of listings that choosing just one seems nearly impossible. The question is, does one method prevail over the rest? Can one alternative be safer, more reliable and provide better overall services? Here's a deeper look into why one method might come out on top.

Safety, Above All Else
Today's world of entrepreneurs and business people aim to make everything easier for the consumer, which typically means coming up with an online alternative. While phone communication worked for decades and meeting in person is a charming idea, when it comes down to it, if a customer can complete the action online, they're usually going to choose that method. However, when you're choosing a place to vacation, the rules seem to change slightly. Your safety becomes a top concern and getting to know the person or company from which you're renting suddenly is much more important, which makes the value of a travel agent or villa specialist much more important.

Some websites might not be too clear on how they curate the rentals they offer, and on some more community-based markets, you're actually renting from a third party. On the other hand, if you choose to speak directly with luxury rental experts through a travel booking site, you might have a better chance of finding exactly what you're looking for without worrying about scams or being overcharged.

Finding Privacy
You've found your ideal location in the Caribbean and now you just have to find a desirable vacation rental. After scanning a few hotel listings, you think back to a trip you took to the West Coast when you and your spouse stayed in a hotel. The trip would have been great, except for the noisy neighbors that made it impossible for you to sleep a wink during your trip. Do yourself a favor and opt for Caribbean villas instead. If you choose one of these lavish bungalows, you'll be able to rest peacefully knowing you have the entire lot to yourself.

Your Vacation, Your Itinerary
At some massive luxury resorts, staff members have to take care of dozens of guests at the same time and make sure that their trips are enjoyable and worry-free. While any issue you may have might slip through the cracks in this type of situation, you could have one-on-one attention with a villa concierge and reservation specialist who will ensure that your trip is exactly how you wanted it planned.

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