Make All the Right Moves for the Perfect Family Vacation

When you choose a luxury rental somewhere in the Caribbean, however, your kids' answers will be a resounding "yes," no matter what their age.

Some parents give their older kids the option of coming on a family vacation with them. Others insist that the whole group embarks on the trip together. When you choose a luxury rental somewhere in the Caribbean, however, your kids' answers will be a resounding "yes," no matter what their age. While it may seem stressful at first trying to plan a vacation that everyone will love, from your 5-year-old son to your 16-year-old daughter, with a little assistance and extra planning, you can find underwater excursions, family-friendly beaches and the best dining options for every member of your eclectic family.

Here are some tips to make sure you're on the right track to planning the ultimate family getaway:

A Beach Isn't Just Sand
Do your little ones get antsy after an hour or two at the beach? It's common for most young kids to feel stifled while  bound to a portable playpen or bored after their first sandcastle washes away. Luckily, most tropical beaches on Caribbean islands like St. Lucia or Jamaica have bustling boardwalks filled with activities to keep kids entertained. Pop-up shops with jewelry and other trinkets, food vendors and rental kiosks offering bikes and inline skates are just some of the fun happenings you might find, so after a few hours on the sand, consider taking a walk and revealing another side of the beach to your kids.

Choose the Right Accommodation
Knowing where to stay can be the glue that holds your whole vacation together. When you have kids, the best environment usually involves privacy and space to roam - almost like you're in the comfort of your own home, but 10 times more luxurious. One of the best ideas to consider is booking Caribbean villas, where you reserve the whole unit for your family to enjoy. Whether it's an elegant condo or an elaborate estate, your own private luxury rental will help you keep your sanity and your stress levels from going up - you won't have to worry about your children disturbing other hotel guests.

Join the Fun
Just because you're not 12 years old doesn't mean you can't get down and dirty in the sand and build an epic sandcastle with your kids. In fact, with your years of experience, you and your children might even be able to blow the traditional sandcastle out of the water with a crazy construction like a racecar, a village or a famous landmark. Hours might go by before you finish, meaning that your goal to get in as much sun as possible could be accomplished. Before you know it, you might recruit a herd of young beach bums who are curious about that colossal sand structure you and your child are creating.

Keep Gadgets at Bay
Sure, gaming devices, smartphones and tablets might be easy fixes to keep kids busy on planes or car rides, but when you've arrived at your villa rental and you're surrounded by tropical scenery, it's time to scrap the electronics. Explain to your kids that the memories on vacation will last much longer than the text they're about to send. If they can't tear themselves away, make them the official photographer of the trip, using their snazzy smartphone apps.

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