Make Healthy Dining Choices During West Coast Vacations

After a quick glimpse of the area surrounding your glamorous Los Angeles villa rental, you'll be asking yourself, "Where did all these good-looking people come from?"

After a quick glimpse of the area surrounding your glamorous LA villa, you'll be asking yourself, "Where did all these good-looking people come from?" It's not just a stereotype - the average West Coaster living in the Beverly Hills area is likely to be fit, take care of their appearance and dress well. It might also be worth pointing out that you reserved a luxury rental only blocks away from some of Hollywood's most elite celebrities to date. 

Because of the scene, you might be even more inspired to stay healthy and fit during your vacation - which means dining out might take some careful planning. Not every restaurant option is going to be a prime choice for eating nutritiously. If you're planning on staying in a coveted California villa rental, be sure to scope out the healthy - and still tasty - eateries in the surrounding area before your vacation begins.

Tender Greens
Sourcing its produce from the nearby Scarborough Farms, this salad-friendly restaurant is a popular spot among LA locals, with a total of five locations in hotspots like Santa Monica, Pasadena and Hollywood, and two more expected by the end of 2013, Intelligent Travel reports. While greens are the featured ingredient, the flavors are anything but bland. You can choose from Thai shrimp, chipotle BBQ chicken and "backyard-style" steak, among a variety of other vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Real Food Daily
With a clientele including Kristen Bell, Ashley Greene and Angela Bassett, it's safe to say that the food at Real Food Daily is wholesome, nutritious and tasty. The restaurant is entirely vegan and takes pride in its mantra of serving organic, plant-based cuisine. Founder Ann Gentry stays true to her two fundamentals - vegetarian food and organic seasonal cooking - at every one of the three LA locations. Named a "Best of Pasadena 2012" by Pasadena Weekly, this spot is a must visit, whether you're a health-conscious diner or just a curious traveler exploring the West Coast.

Native Foods Cafe
Zagat named Palm Springs' Native Foods Cafe the top vegetarian restaurant in the LA and Southern California region for 2013 and locals certainly won't argue. The vegan restaurant serves fresh, homemade food every day, and every item is 100 percent plant-based - yes, even the sausage burger and the Native cheese. Not only can you expand your culinary knowledge at this "fast-casual" restaurant, you can participate in free cooking demos that happen once each month. This establishment also boasts a number of locations across the LA region and beyond, so you won't have any trouble finding one close to your luxurious beachside villa rental.

M Café
The M Café gets love from virtually every LA publication because of its delicious vegan gourmet dishes, but unlike some of the other eateries, the main focus of this restaurant isn't being meatless, but maintaining an organic and unprocessed menu. You might find items like a grilled tuna burger or fresh sushi rolls as options, and if you're not a strict vegan, consider yourself lucky to sample these dishes.

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