Prepare Wisely for Your Adventure Excursion

Every adventurous vacation demands its own packing essentials, whether you're looking to sail, golf or hike through your exotic locale.

Every adventurous vacation demands its own packing essentials, whether you're looking to sail, golf or hike through your exotic locale. While you can rely on your luxury villa rentals to provide top notch accommodations, kitchen essentials, bedding needs and a number of other amenities to keep you relaxed, you still have to come prepared for your thrilling excursion with your trusty golf clubs, durable outdoor backpack or classy sailing attire. For each themed vacation, we've provided some of the necessities to bring along on your trip, as well as a tip on where to go for the most thrilling stay.

Golfers Get Ready
You don't have to be a pro on the links to have an enjoyable vacation at a golf resort. Whether you're a skilled athlete seeking a new course to try or a beginner that's been dying to take a romantic vacation with your special someone, you can book a stay at a luxury rental that's either directly on or close to one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

If you have a set of clubs that you'd never dream of parting with, be sure to pack them for the trip, but most beginner golfers simply rent a set at the course. Part of the custom of the sport is looking the part, from the cap on your head to the shoes on your feet, so make sure you have attire that's not only comfortable but presentable. When you're staying at Caribbean villas like the Nandana Private Resort, it's important that your appearance goes well with the beautiful surroundings.

Come Sail Away
One of the classiest and most scenic sports out there, sailing is ideal for those who have spent years on the water or are only just getting their sea legs. If you're considering a sailing getaway in one of the world's most beautiful places, be prepared to rub elbows with some glamorous globetrotters, as this vacation choice is a favorite among A-list travelers. Boat shoes, a chic sailing hat (that won't fly off your head!), nautical-themed attire and a cocktail shaker are only some of the must-haves you should bring on board.

If you are new to boating, you can request a skipper to take you across whichever waters you're luxury villa is beside. One of the most celebrated sailing locales is Phuket, Thailand, because of its jungle scenery, crystal clear waters and array of smaller islands nearby.

Hike Exotic Trails
Places like Costa Rica not only boast some of the most beautiful luxury villas in the world, they also have great hiking trails and opportunities for outdoor adventure. Skilled hikers know that the less you take with you on your journey, the better, but you still have to keep in mind certain essentials when you trek deep in the tropical forest. A sturdy, waterproof backpack with plenty of water, a compass, a source of light and a few snacks are the basic necessities that anyone should remember to bring along on any hiking excursion. While there are a handful of prime places, Costa Rica remains a tried and true spot for adventurous vacationers.

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