Smart Travel Tips from the Experts

Everyone needs a wise recommendation every now and then, especially when planning for a major upcoming trip.

Everyone needs a wise recommendation every now and then, especially when planning for a major trip. It can be something as simple as a way to remember where you parked at the airport, or as major as scoring the luxury rental of your dreams - whatever the advice may be, it can transform the way you feel about your trip, as well as the rest of the group you're with. Whether you're headed to one of the many gorgeous villas in the Caribbean or gearing up for a stay at a Tuscan bungalow, you can make your trip a million times better with these five travel tips from the pros.

1. Their Loss, Your Gain
Sometimes, a little crafty planning goes a long way. Expert traveler Wendy Perrin knows every globetrotter trick of the trade, and one of the most valuable ones is how to get into that exotic villa rental you have your heart set on even when it's booked up. According to Perrin, you have to do some research on when cancellation penalties are put into place, and then call your Villa Specialist first thing that morning. If you're lucky, you might be able to snag your luxury villa because someone else canceled! It's a risky game to play, but if the luxury rental's that spectacular, it may be worth it.

2. Cruise Out of the Airport
Everyone knows that feeling of returning home from your vacation and having no idea where you parked the car. Here's a simple solution: Take a picture of the sign nearest your car on your smartphone before you head into the airport. Problem solved! Now, the only trick is sifting through your awesome vacation shots to find the picture.

3. Go Picture Crazy
Not only can snapping a photo at the airport save you headaches, taking a picture of your luggage can be a lifesaver as well. Take a few photos, first, with it open, revealing some of your belongings, and then with it closed. If your bag is lost - heaven forbid - this can be helpful in finding it, according to travel writer Susan Farlow, who did it once before on her adventures to Kiev. 

4. Do Some Activities Alone
Don't be afraid to embark on your own for some adventures. Of course, safety is a top priority, and you should always remember to tell someone where you're going, but if you want to mingle with as many locals as possible, you should hit up a nearby cafe or marketplace by yourself. You'll be surprised how many people will come up to you when you're not surrounded by a posse.

5. Have FUN!
Always remember what's most important to you while traveling, and stick to those principles. It might be hitting the surf every day, learning a new language or watching the sunrise from the terrace of your Caribbean villa, but whatever it is, make sure you can proudly check each item off your travel bucket list by the time the trip is over.

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