Some of the Best Eats You'll Find in St. Croix

When you vacation somewhere like St. Croix, you expect your trip to be lavish in every way imaginable.

When you vacation somewhere like St. Croix, you expect your trip to be lavish in every way imaginable. From your exotic Caribbean villa to the places you choose to dine, everything should be upscale and luxurious. Fortunately, you have quite the selection of restaurants on the intimate U.S. Virgin Island, and if you book soon, you'll even get a hefty $400 dining credit and complimentary rental car added to your vacation package! (Check it out here.)

Because of St. Croix's size, you can easily get from place to place with public transportation, a bike or your own two feet, but if you're planning the ultimate tour of the island and its dining spots, then a car rental may be your best bet.

Here are some of the best places to dine on the entire island, and some helpful recommendations on what to order when you go:

Beach Side Cafe
Aside from the fact that you're staring out into the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea as you dine, this open-air restaurant is everything you'd imagine a beloved oceanfront bar to be. Whether you're looking for light fare, an extravagant dinner or Sunday brunch, this culinary hot spot has it all, from tapas to goat cheese-crusted rack of lamb. If you visit on a Saturday night, you'll be treated to an evening of dancing and fun music, often performed by a local musician, like Doc Peterson, who never goes anywhere without his ukelele, or Eddie Russell, a professional trumpet player.

What to get: Though every meal is special here, the Sunday brunch is tough to beat. For a hearty meal, try the Monte Cristo sandwich, and for some fairly lighter breakfast fare, the huevos rancheros never disappoints.

Avocado Pitt
Looking for a spot favored by the locals? Then head to the Christiansted waterfront, where you'll find the Avocado Pitt. Here, you'll get to sample the basics, as well as some Caribbean-inspired eats, such as the yellowfin tuna sandwich, but you've got to get here early in the day if you want to dine, as it's only open for breakfast and lunch. The waterfront spot has cozy outdoor seating, as well as ample spots at the bar, creating a relaxed, laid-back feel that matches its island environment and the coziness of your private luxury rental.

What to get: The spicy yellowfin tuna wrap is a favorite option, as it piles in veggies that are tossed in a special blend of spices.

Angry Nate's
This boathouse and seafood emporium may have "Angry" written across its sign, but the atmosphere is anything but. The bright Caribbean decor, local art and inviting atmosphere brings in an influx of locals and visitors, and their happy hour starts promptly at 4 p.m. every day. You'll find this spot on the Christiansted side of the island, and the casual, cozy eatery is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Angry Nate's lighthearted and sarcastic sense of humor is apparent as soon as you walk through the door and chat with sassy staff members who keep the atmosphere fun.

What to get: Rum! Find a seat on the dock and order up your favorite rum cocktail, seeing as you are vacationing in the Caribbean.

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