Contoy Island Could be the Jewel of the Mexican Caribbean

Booking luxury villas in Mexico is one way to enjoy the beautiful coastline and warm weather of the Riviera Maya region.

Booking luxury villas in Mexico is one way to enjoy the beautiful coastline and warm weather of the Riviera Maya region. Though this portion of the Yucatan Peninsula boasts a wealth of attractions that are sure to provide you with a bevy of entertainment opportunities, there are many untold treasures to be discovered just off of its coast as well. If you are hoping to enjoy a secluded destination on your warm weather excursion, then a trip to the nearby Contoy Island could be just what the doctor ordered.

Located at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, Contoy Island is a 5.2-mile stretch of sand that offers up beautiful beaches, some scattered plant life and a wealth of exotic seabirds. The island has been protected by the Mexican government since 1961, and a national park since 1998, ensuring that this beautiful habitat is preserved for generations to come.

The main draw to this isolated hideaway, which is located 30 kilometers north of the popular Isla Mujeres, is its considerable avian population. A common nesting ground for migratory seabirds passing through the Mexican Caribbean, Contoy Island hosts as many as 150 different species of birds each year, including frigates, brown pelicans and double-crested cormorants.

Contoy Island also boasts some unique and beautiful wildlife off of its coast. In addition to a the tropical fish that frequent the area, the island has also proved a popular nesting ground for the rare and elusive sea turtle, making this site a must-see for aquatic adventurers.

While this lush site is a paradise to explore, the preservation efforts of the National Commission for Natural Protected Areas limit the number of travelers that can visit the island considerably. Only 200 vacationers can enjoy a trek around Contoy Island each day, so you'll have to plan ahead to ensure a spot on one of the tours that covers the area.

When finished exploring the natural beauty off the coast of Riviera Maya, return to the mainland to stay at luxury vacation rentals. There are many opulent options available in the area that can accommodate everything from single travelers to large groups, and with the stunning amenities provided by these locales - including onsite swimming pools, sizable meeting areas and nearby spa services - you should have no trouble crafting a vacation to remember.