Dress to Impress in St. Lucia

Flying to the Caribbean Islands for a luxurious vacation is the perfect excuse to get gussied up as you hop from beach to beach.

Flying to the Caribbean Islands for a luxurious vacation is the perfect excuse to get gussied up as you hop from beach to beach. On St. Lucia, where the tropical environment lends perfectly to bold patterns and flirty sundresses, guests staying at Caribbean villas can take full advantage of their surroundings and use the forests, white sand beaches and laid-back island lifestyle as inspiration to turn every outfit into a fashion statement.

If you want to stand out during your indulgent getaway, here are a few tropical trends:

Say Bye Bye to Bikinis

Long gone are the days when triangle-top string bikinis are the norm. Even in the Caribbean, showing up to the beach with barely-there swimsuits is a fashion faux paux as everyone begins to opt for more flattering cuts. One pieces are definitely the new bikini - just think about the curvaceous Hollywood actresses of the '50s and 60's and how they totally rocked their hip-hugging beachwear. You can stop at any beach on St. Lucia and dazzle everyone with your fashion-forward look.

Vintage Meets Islander

Your pink-and-yellow sundress will never look as gorgeous as it will against the backdrop of the deep greens of St. Lucia's rainforests. Rather than sticking to the stereotypical Hawaiian floral prints and floor-length dresses, fashionistas who rent luxury villas should opt for more retro prints that you could easily wear back at home. Ladies should wear dresses that hug their body - try to look for classic cuts that flatter every body type. High-waisted looks are all the rage now, and this vintage style translates perfectly to a St. Lucia vacation. Pair a floral shirt with white linen pants - perfect for an evening at a chic Caribbean cabana.

Putting the Lady in Ladies' Man

Gentlemen: Don't leave your lady hanging by throwing on a plain t-shirt and khaki shorts. That's so last season. Complement her look by going just as, if not more, bold with paisley and floral prints. Your outfit shouldn't stop with your shirt - even shorts should boast pastel colors like mint, hot pink and bright yellow if you really want to dress to impress. For a touch of masculinity, throw on a pair of cool aviator sunglasses and let your 5 o'clock shadow grow out to a sexy scruff. Ooh la la!

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