Escape in Kauai During your Hawaiian Villas Getaway

Ask anyone who's been island hopping in Hawaii what their favorite island is, and chances are, they'll tell you Kauai.

Ask anyone who's been island hopping in Hawaii what their favorite island is, and chances are, they'll tell you Kauai. This lush and tropical volcanic rock gets rain so often that there are few areas where you'll find a dry patch of grass. Of course, that doesn't mean it'll be raining during your entire vacation at Hawaiian villas. Much of the rainfall happens in the early morning for only short spurts of time, so you can wake up with the smell of freshly fallen dew and watch as the sun absorbs the moisture from every last plumeria flower petal.

So you've never been to Kauai? That's all right, with these pointers, you'll have an unparalleled experience you'll never forget.

Find an Authentic Luau
Don't brush off a Hawaiian luau as another tourist trap. Even locals come up with excuses practically every month to celebrate someone's birthday, anniversary or a job promotion with a pig roast and dollops of poi. The term luau comes from the Hawaiian word for the tips of the taro plant, which was and still is a staple of the local diet. Using stone pounders, chefs beat the taro into a taffy-like consistency, which serves as a perfect starch to just about any luau dish, from lomi lomi salmon to salted pork.

Ever since millions of farmers from China, Japan and the Philippines arrived to work on the sugar cane plantations at the turn of the 19th century, traditional luaus have transformed to accommodate what is now known as "local" cuisine, which ranges from raw fish (a Japanese influence) to battered and fried chicken katsu (taken from Korean immigrants).

If you want to stick to the good stuff, however, be sure to fill your paper plate with the same fare the ancient Hawaiians ate hundreds of years ago, including squid luau, sweet potato, and salted pork roasted to perfection in an underground oven, or imu.

Visit Waimea Canyon
Often called the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," Kauai's Waimea Valley looks as though it was taken straight out of "Jurassic Park." You need only take a short drive from your villa vacation rentals to reach the lookout point, where you can try your best to count the dozens of waterfalls that cascade over precipices throughout the year.

The small population on the island of Kauai has a lot to do with the canyon, which is protected from development by Hawaiian landowners who refuse to see it become a residential or commercial neighborhood.

Stay in a villa
Unless you already live on Kauai, the next best thing to experiencing this magnificent island from the vantage of a local is to stay in a villa rental, which will make you feel like you're walking into your home the moment you arrive. The villas at Koloa Landing Resort are perfect for couples or even large families, and are situated right on top of Poipu Beach.

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