How to Stay Fit During Luxury Vacations

Keeping up your workout regimen while staying at one of the many luxury vacation rentals around the world can be a challenge.

Keeping up your workout regimen while staying at one of the many luxury vacation rentals around the world can be a challenge. Whether you're used to running for an hour every day or have a personal trainer at home, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to work up a sweat between touring the sites and laying on the beach. Why not use your stunning surroundings to your advantage? All you have to do is set aside half an hour, three days a week to maintain your fitness level. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your workout regimen.

Need some inspiration? Here are five ways you can stay in shape while enjoying your indulgent getaway:

Run on the Beach

If you're staying at Caribbean villas, chances are the beach isn't far - rather than spending hours working on a base tan, burn some calories by taking a pleasant jog down the shore. You'll not only get to cool off with the salty ocean spray, but you can also reap the muscular toning benefits of the soft sand. Each time you take a step, your feet will sink a few inches into the ground, forcing you to exert more energy than if you were simply running on pavement. Your thighs, glutes and even core muscles will feel the burn within just a few minutes.

Go Surfing

Don't use flat conditions as an excuse not to go surfing - you can still get a great workout at the beach by doing some stand-up paddle boarding, kite surfing or even wake boarding on a lake. If you're renting luxury villas in Hawaii, you'll be hard pressed to avoid learning how to surf, and can easily book a lesson at Waikiki Beach. Once you catch your first wave, your breath will be taken away by the sheer thrill of it, along with the stunning front-row view of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Do Yoga

One of the many advantages of yoga is that you can take it anywhere, no matter where your luxury vacation happens to be. If you've already mastered a dozen or so poses, you can wake up with the dawn and spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour stretching and strengthening your muscles, giving yourself natural energy to take on the day. If you're still learning and would rather take lessons from a yoga instructor, there are a number of relaxing spas and facilities located around luxury rentals that also provide yoga classes on a daily basis.

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