Jamaica: The Next Best Luxury Travel Destination

There are few places in the world where you can wake up from a good night's sleep, walk onto the porch and take a plunge into the ocean.

There are few places in the world where you can wake up from a good night's sleep, walk onto the porch and take a plunge into the ocean. Jamaica is one of those places, and for travelers lucky enough to stay at luxury rentals in this Caribbean nation, having the chance to fall asleep to the sounds of lapping waves is just a phone call or a click of a mouse away.

Once you've got your reservations in order, it's time to update your wardrobe because it seems as though a new wave of style icons are getting inspired by the island nation's gorgeous scenery and fascinating culture, attracting droves of savvy and chic travelers from all over the world in the process.

Tropical Designs
When you first think about island fashion, you might picture khaki pants and a tacky flower-print shirt, but designers like Trish Wescoat Pound are changing the way visitors dress - no matter what the occasion might be. During a recent visit to Jamaica, photographers spotted Pound wearing a sleek golden dress she designed herself, while her friends were equally well dressed with long, flowing beige dresses. Her male friends also wore snazzy outfits that were both chic and comfortable: linen pants with a light cotton button-down shirt.

Cultural Revivals
Folks like Chris Blackwell, a prominent figure in Jamaica for his luxurious villa vacation rentals like the Cottages at Goldeneye, are eager to attract visitors who have a lust for life and want to get to know this tropical destination beyond its pristine beaches.

"The main thing for me is to attract guests who are imaginative and curious about life," Blackwell recently told travel writer Bob Morris. "I like to create places where people can explore the area, then come back to the bar and talk."

You can do all of this and so much more at Caribbean villas, where you can hire your own personal chef and a cocktail mixologist to create a sense of island life. Additionally, because so many of these villas are located in central areas, some of Jamaica's most coveted activities, including hiking, kayaking and horseback riding, can be enjoyed at your leisure.

Must-see Beaches
The beaches of Jamaica are second to none, and no matter where you decide to plant your towel for the afternoon, you're guaranteed prime sand real estate. Blue Lagoon in particular happens to be one of the island's most treasured bays, featuring idyllic white-sand bars and turquoise waters that you'll undoubtedly visit more than once during your stay. If you take a short drive east of Blue Lagoon, you'll find Boston Bay, which is yet another stunning public beach where you can close your eyes, work on a tan, read a book and splash around in the refreshing water.

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