Luxuriate Amid a Sea of Green in Dordogne, France

Villas in France place you near some of the most beautiful sites in the world

Though most travelers heading to France will venture to busy urban centers like Paris and Nice, some of you prefer the more laidback feel and beauty of the countryside. Though much of rustic France can offer beautiful vistas, the Aquitaine province has proven to be the one of the most impressive destinations in the country. Travelers with villas in France can see why by exploring the wondrous landscapes of Les Jardins de Marqueyssac.

Located just an hour away from the city Dordogne, the gardens are an expansive piece of topiary art that rests atop a hill overlooking the Dordogne River. The vantage provides an unforgettable view of the valley below, and makes for great photo opportunities.

You may find yourself strolling through the extensive paths adorned with flowering trees and boxwood plants, journeying to the aviary and wood turner's shop or exploring the classic stylings of the local chateau. More active vacationers can actually schedule some lessons at the onsite rock climbing school, and challenge themselves to scale the craggy cliffs on which the gardens are perched.

After a long day of exploring the gardens, you can't help but rellish the chance to relax in one of Villas of Distinction's luxury vacation rentals. Not to mention, a stellar concierge will be able to book dinner reservations at a local eatery to cap off the experience.