Plan Your Own Fitness Vacation

Ever considered running 26.2 miles in one fell swoop? Surprisingly enough, millions of fitness enthusiasts choose to complete this endeavor each year in a number of marathons that occur in populous cities throughout the world.

Each year, millions of fitness enthusiasts gather in various cities across the globe for sporting events, big races, yoga retreats and other wellness-centered celebrations. Populous cities in France, Greece and the United States host annual events for these adrenaline seekers and often inspire travelers to make a whole vacation out of the experience. If you're planning to compete in some fitness activity or sporting event in Greece, why not just reserve a luxury vacation rental and extend the trip?

Even if you don't think you're ready to take on the Olympics or the world's largest marathons, you can still show your devotion to health and wellness on your next vacation. There are plenty of other ways to stay fit and have fun while doing it - here are a few ideas:

Boot Camp Getaways
Some people need that additional support to help them stick to a strict workout schedule. While they might be inspired to go for a jog around the nearest public park every now and then, to really get their butts into gear, they rely on a personal trainer. If this sounds like you, you should think about venturing south to Florida and finding an exotic luxury vacation rental right on one of Miami's best beaches, or other nearby spots like Delray. Here, you'll find dozens of ready and willing fitness camps and centers where the only goal is to whip you into shape and be excited to wear your favorite swimsuit.

Group Fitness Adventures
What could be better than waking up at 6 a.m. in Barbados and practicing your yoga moves on the beach as the sun rises? Doing the exact same thing with a group of your closest friends. Group fitness retreats are becoming all the rage lately, and whether you join a group of strangers or create a travel posse with your friends and family, you can have the time of your life while getting in shape and basking in the beautiful exotic scenery of whichever locale you choose.

Lifestyle Retreats
Working out is certainly important, but so is keeping a healthy and fulfilling diet. Many people embark on wellness vacations at beautiful villas in Hawaii and prepare to revamp and recharge their bodies with clean, healthy foods and an active routine. These types of getaways can be awesome for fitness enthusiasts because not only are they trying physical activities like stand-up paddle boarding, hiking to waterfalls and water skiing, but they're learning just how to fuel their bodies to live longer and healthier. You can chat with your villa concierge and find out which dining spots are known for their nutritional fare, or you could even request a personal chef to prepare your meals in your own private kitchen.

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