Surprise Your Loved One With a Romantic Getaway

After years of being married, you know your spouse inside and out.

After years of being married, you know your spouse inside and out. You know that chewing gum loudly gets under their skin, fresh flowers on the kitchen table sparks an ear-to-ear smile and pleasant surprises send them squealing with delight. Although it's a hefty task to take on, planning the ultimate surprise vacation could be the perfect gift  for your upcoming anniversary, birthday or other special celebration. Before you spill the massive secret, make sure you've hammered out all the details to guarantee the surprise stays that way until you're ready to reveal the getaway to your loved one.

Ask Family
Even though you and your loved one tell each other everything, you never know if there's something important a parent or sibling knows that you don't. Maybe it's that they've always dreamed of staying in Tuscan villas overlooking famous vineyards, or have a Caribbean island like St. Lucia on their travel bucket list. By doing some digging, you can find out details that will help make sure you plan the perfect trip. When it comes to the smaller details, like types of activities to plan, you'll likely have a strong idea of their preferences. If they're the adventurous type, add a scenic hike to the itinerary. If they prefer being pampered head to toe, check with your villa's concierge service. Most luxury rentals offer elite spa treatments at onsite wellness centers, so you won't have much trouble booking five-star massage and spa therapy sessions.

Cover All Bases
Making sure all travel documents are accounted for is difficult enough for one person, but when you're taking care of two, it can get complicated. Make a list of the information you need - both of your passports, flight reservations, any medication prescriptions - and ask casual questions leading up to the trip to make sure your research is accurate with your spouse's information. Try asking her if she ever got her passport renewed - if you've been talking about traveling in the past, this question shouldn't seem too out of left field.

Another thing to remember is that your loved one's schedule - obviously - needs to be cleared for the days of your getaway. Some people might struggle with this, so make sure you plan it thoughtfully. Correspond with your spouse's boss and arrange vacation days so no one has to worry about being penalized in the workplace.

Make It Playful
When only a few days separate you from the day of your big trip, you can start dropping some hints to your loved one, whether by packing a note in their lunch or sending them mysterious text messages throughout the day. You can provide them with fun facts about a handful of destinations, so even if they suspect a trip is in the works, they have no idea what you've got in store.

Once you're ready to make the big reveal, your spouse might have already guessed but that won't even matter as you gear up for the ultimate romantic getaway to an elite luxury vacation rental.

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