Discover Our Top Turks & Caicos Experiences

Experience all that the Turks & Caicos has to offer with incredible tours, adventures, watersports, and beyond. Check out our top Turks & Caicos experiences.

From sea to sky, the Turks & Caicos offer guests an incredible myriad of activities, adventures, and excursions to explore and enjoy. Perhaps you’re in the mood to wine and dine on local delicacies. Or, maybe you want to up and try your hand at the world-class snorkeling, diving, and fishing experiences the islands have to offer. Whatever you seek, the Turks and Caicos delivers in spades.

Perhaps not as well-known, the Turks & Caicos consists of 40 unique islands and cays, only eight of which are inhabited. These islands are diverse and varied, offering a rich blend of tranquility and experiences, meaning there’s something for each and every traveler. But for now, we’re delighted to share our top three Turks & Caicos experiences you won’t want to miss.

Don't miss the Conch Fritters - an island favorite

Turks & Caicos Conch Festival

Each November, the island of Providenciales hosts its one-of-a-kind Turks & Caicos Conch Festival to celebrate their national symbol and their number-one export. This year, guests and locals will enjoy the 11th annual event where local restaurants serve up their best conch dishes imaginable. From mouthwatering conch fritters to fresh salads, chowders, empanadas, and beyond, there’s something for every palate. You won’t want to miss this!

Try your hand at kiteboarding with KiteProvo

Learn & Experience Kiteboarding

The islands are known for their perfect beaches and crystal-clear waters, so it’s only natural that watersports follow suit. The Turks & Caicos is known for its kiteboarding and kitesurfing and plays host to KiteProvo, the longest-running kiteboarding school in the Turks and Caicos. Whether you’re new to the board, or you’ve tried it before, your passionate and professional instructors will teach you everything you need to learn to get the true kiteboarding experience.

Island boat tours give you the full Turks & Caicos experience

World-Class Boat Tours

When in the Turks & Caicos, do as the islanders do, and soak up the sights. Island Vibes Tours offers you a glimpse at the islands as you’ve never seen them before. Explore the sparkling clear waters, pristine coral reefs, and make time to really bask in that breathtaking sunset. Fun for friends, couples, and families, alike, you can enjoy the ultimate in relaxation, or kick it up a notch with a Vines BBQ experience where you’ll savor the sights – and flavors – all at once.

Pro-Tip – Your personal Villa Concierge will be happy to arrange your shore excursions! Be sure to express your wants and wishes, and your Concierge will help your craft the perfect activities – just for you.

With so much to see, do, and experience, it’s no wonder that our Turks & Caicos villa guests visit time and again. Let our beautiful luxury villas be your home base for your stay, and indulge in every creature comfort imaginable. Best of all though, see the islands like the locals do, and go ahead – stay awhile.