Explore Gustavia During a Trip to St. Barts

When enjoying a vacation in St. Barts, the bulk of your time will likely be spent at Caribbean villas.

When enjoying a vacation in St. Barts, the bulk of your time will likely be spent at Caribbean villas. These luxury rentals provide a wonderful place to relax and soak up the sun, reveling in the privacy and natural beauty of the island. Of course, some vacationers may feel the need to venture from their temporary homes and see other parts of St. Barts. 

Those vacationers who aren't afraid to step out from their rentals can head to Gustavia, the capital of St. Barts and the center of action on the island. With so much to do and see in the city limits, it's one of the top places to visit, and travelers can find many diverse activities to choose from when they make the trip into the heart of the area. 

Your stay at villas in St. Barts will expose you to many of the best beaches in all of the Caribbean, and few of the top shores are located in Gustavia. Shell Beach is a favorite of travelers, as its coastline is covered in shells that could act as the ideal memento of the trip. 

Visitors to St. Barts often indulge in shopping excursions during their stay, and Gustavia is the perfect place to browse the selection of boutiques. Major designers like Gaultier and Gucci have set up shop on the cobbled streets of the city, right alongside local vendors and artists, so you can find just the right keepsake to take home with you - or the perfect outfit to wear for your night on the town. 

Whether you're a history buff looking for a glimpse into the island's past or a tried-and-true vacationer who wants to experience more Caribbean beaches, trekking into Gustavia may be the perfect activity. Historic sites like Fort Gustav and the Old Bell Tower act as wonderful spots to learn more about St. Barts, while locales such as the Wall House Museum showcase many artifacts that shed light on the evolution of the island. 

Once night falls, new life is breathed into Gustavia. Many nightclubs open their doors and restaurants welcome festive crowds, so those vacationers looking for a party won't have to go very far. Whether you want to dance the night away by the coast or soak up the casual atmosphere of an island establishment, you can find an ideal spot where locals and visitors flock to for fun. 

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