Costa Rica

Find the Perfect Villa Fitcations Around the World

Fitcations are the next big thing in world-class vacations, but do they really mean you can have the best of both worlds? We say yes, and we're certain a villa vacation is the ultimate way to do a fitcation. Find out why!

Fitcations…they’re all the rage, but what are they exactly? In a nutshell, a fitcation is a fitness vacation. It’s the delicate art of having your proverbial cake and eating it, too, in terms of getaways, of course. Gone are the days that you had to give up your goals to have an amazing vacation. These days, villa vacations offer you the best of all worlds. You can find the ultimate fitness retreat in a relaxing environment – all set on a backdrop of some of the most beautiful destinations around the world.

Curious where you could go? Let’s take a peek…


The Sunshine State offers it all – adventure, magic, and plenty of opportunities to stay fit. One of the most spectacular luxury mansions in Orlando, Windermere at Reunion Resort is also a haven of fun and fitness for those looking to get away will still crushing their goals. Want to up your golf game? There’s no better place than at the championship resort course just steps away. Guests will also enjoy ping pong, access to the resort's fitness center, and more. Take a dip in the large pool, and unwind under your relaxing lanai. No need to compromise here.

Windermere at Reunion Resort gets you up close and person to the ultimate golf game

Turks & Caicos

Ready to exceed every fitcation expectation set upon a backdrop of the beautiful Caribbean? Hawksbill certainly is. This stunning 10-bedroom beachfront estate is sprawled out among a number of unique and inviting buildings on a 5+ acre site. Here, guests will enjoy direct waterfront access, so if yoga on the beach is your thing – we’ve got you covered. Enjoy a workout in your private gym, or play a game on your all-weather tennis court or basketball court. Your oversized pool and lap pool are the perfect way to unwind, cool off, and de-stress, getting you ready for the next perfect day in paradise.

Hawksbill is a 10-bedroom Turks & Caicos estate with waterfront & fitness amenities

Amalfi Coast

Italy is yours to discover and explore with a delightful blend of outdoor (and indoor) activities for the fitness aficionado. Let the gorgeous Stradivari estate, located on the breathtaking Amalfi Coast be your home base. While many guests know Italy for its gourmand getaways full of rich foods and decadent delights, it’s also a haven for those looking to stay fit. Hike along the Path of the Gods, high above the remote Amalfi Coast villages below, or take an excursion to ascend Mount Stromboli. Within the comfort of your own villa, you’ll enjoy a private infinity swimming pool, as well as 850 meters of walking trails to some of the freshest seafood in the village below.

The Old World and the New World meet with luxury and modern gym amenities at Stradivari

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long been hailed as the ultimate fitcation location for worldly travelers. The ultra-private and secluded Hacienda Santa Ines welcomes you to the tropics with 10 bedrooms, 12.5 bathrooms, and a world of opportunities to stay fit. Get your sweat on in your private gym, fully-equipped with next-gen Cybex machines. Then enjoy your in-villa massage and facial room, as well as the dry sauna. 14 miles of trails up the ante, giving you exclusive access to equestrian areas, running access through the verdant jungle, and so much more.

Take the plunge at Hacienda Santa Ines, where your private lap pool is just the start

Convinced that a fitcation is in the cards for you? We know we’re sold! We invite you to explore our impressive lineup of villas and see which amenities meet (and exceed) your fitcation wants and needs. There’s no need to give up your goals here. The adventures are just beginning.