Create Dream Food and Wine Pairings in Tuscany

If you give a tourist Chianti, she's going to want some Tuscan landscape to go with it.

If you give a tourist Chianti, she's going to want some Tuscan landscape to go with it. While a glass of Italy's finest libations can taste good anywhere in the world, there's nothing like sipping it on a terrace overlooking a vineyard in Florence. When you're ready to take your wine knowledge to the next level, get ready to find one of numerous beautiful Tuscan villas and plan a trip you'll never forget. Whether with friends, your significant other or the family, vacations in Tuscany are tough to beat.

Here's a mini-lesson on which restaurants in Tuscany to watch out for, and which food and wine pairings will have your taste buds singing:

Ristorante Poldino
The family-run restaurant found in the heart of the Migliarino Regional Park, Ristorante Poldino, is a long-time favorite to some and a rare discovery to other newcomers to Tuscany. Housed inside a 19th-century building, the establishment maintains a historic, elegant exterior while exuding the most modern elegance inside. Some of the dishes are so flavorful and rich that you might never look at prime rib or deer the same again. If you're opting for the juicy red meat dish, choose a glass - or bottle - of the Sangiovese. One of Tuscany's most famous grape varieties, this drink boasts firm tannins that perfectly complement the flavors of the beef.

Teatro del Sale
The combined restaurant and theater club, Teatro del Sale, is a great experience for anyone staying in luxury rentals in Tuscany. First, you get to enjoy a stellar meal from a seasonal buffet that changes daily, and then as 9:30 p.m. rolls around, you settle into your seats and gear up for a dramatic theatrical performance. Entertainment does not get much better. As there are a number of cuisine options at your fingertips, and taking second or third trips up to the buffet is the norm, you'll want to find a diverse wine that can pair well with a variety of foods. Sparkling wines are light and crisp enough not to overpower many dishes, with just enough sweetness to offset the savory flavors that might be filling your plate. Bellavista's cuvee brut might be your best bet for this spectacular Tuscan food spread.

La Vena di Vino
If you're looking for a place where the wine sits front and center, try the Vena di Vino wine cellar and bar for lunch. Featuring a selection of 100 Tuscan wine labels, this establishment boasts a knowledgeable staff that will let you know exactly which glass will pair perfectly with your pick of meats, cheeses, breads and other dishes. Be sure to try their pecorino cheese, which might be sampled best with a bold red like Chianti - the sharp cheese flavor pairs well with the smooth, bold body of the Italian red wine.

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