Do as the Tuscans Do on Your Italian Getaway

Where else can you taste the authentic flavours of focaccia, rosemary olive oil and the world's best Chianti?

Where else can you taste the authentic flavors of focaccia, rosemary olive oil and the world's best Chianti? None other than Tuscany, where some of Italy's most celebrated cuisine and fine wine, as well as the most glamorous vacation rentals, can be found. If you're ready for a cultural, lavish getaway to one of Italy's most prized regions, then gear up for an unforgettable gourmet tour of Tuscany, and make sure to keep these travel tips in mind while you're staying in beautiful Tuscan villas.

Focacceria Orlando
Ever seen a loaf of focaccia as big as a steering wheel? When you dine at Focacceria Orlando, you'll be served one of these fluffy and dense specialties packed with fillings of your choice. Cooked with only the finest olive oil, the focaccia tastes delicious alone, but guests can customize their dish with selections from a row of terracotta jars filled with cheeses, braised peas, meats and seafood, and after you select your top choices, the chefs toss your creation into the oven and return it to you, hot and crispy. If you're stopping in for dessert, then make sure to try one of their fruit tarts with a creme patissiere filling - just the right cap to a perfect Tuscan day.

Tuscany is brimming with elite luxury rentals, but so are neighboring regions like Liguria. Close enough that you can visit both while staying at a villa in either, the two regions are both renowned for their prime locations on Italy's coastline and exquisite selection of gourmet seafood. When exploring Liguria, be sure to tour the town of Lerici, where you can take harbor walks to find an array of fish shops and even a castle along the water's edge. Along your journey, you'll also come across Ciccillo restaurant, which has helped boost the seaside town's culinary reputation for years. Situated right on the water, the restaurant has rows of lounge chairs, so you can enjoy a snack and soak up the sun or head indoors for a short break from outside. Mixing ancient traditions with Neapolitan cooking methods, the spot is a goldmine for foodies. 

You can't leave Tuscany without coming home with your own pottery. After visiting loads of restaurants, wineries and cafes sporting gorgeous jugs, plates, vases and bottles of these beautiful, Tuscan-born ceramics, you've got to pick up some for yourself. One pottery town you can visit is Montelupo Fiorentino, where you'll find the traditional blue-and-white vases, plates and bowls handmade by locals, according to Travel Leisure.

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