Drive the Road to Hana During Your Hawaii Vacation

The views you encounter in Hawaii are among some of the most stunning you will see throughout the world.

The views you encounter in Hawaii are among some of the most stunning you will see throughout the world. When you rent luxury villas on this island chain, each day will likely bring a new panorama that you'll never forget. While you may be satisfied with the vistas seen from the windows or patios of Hawaiian villas, there are plenty of opportunities to trek out into nature and get unique looks at the island of Maui

Cruise the Road to Hana
One of the best ways to see the gorgeous Hawaiian landscape is by driving a route known as the Road to Hana. This highway, which twists through the island of Maui, takes drivers through rainforests and coastal roads in one of the most scenic drives in all of the U.S. 

The route begins in Kahului, Maui's largest city, which is located about 55 miles away from Hana. By the time you reach the end of the road, you'll have passed by breathtaking rocky coastlines of Northern Maui and the lush vegetation that surrounds it. A few stretches of road are quite steep or wild, but the thrill you'll get from driving this road is well worth it. 

Catch the Spectacular Sights
Although the route is only 55 miles, it may take you and your travel buddies all day to complete the drive. There are many places to stop along the way for photos or simply to take a breather and soak up the amazing views. Some of the most popular pause points include the Wailea Overlook, Waikani Falls, Waianapanapa State Park and Twin Falls, all of which have memorable features. 

For some truly special views, trek out from your luxury rentals at sunrise or sunset. The stunning array of oranges, pinks and reds splashed across the sky will create a beautiful backdrop for any kind of adventure, and you'll definitely want to bring your camera along to capture some photos of the landscape. 

Whether you're looking for a fun activity you can embark on with the whole family or want a quiet endeavor for you and that special someone, driving the Road to Hana may be the perfect option. A few sections of the route may be close to your luxury villa, making it easy to traverse at least a small portion of the trail to get a glimpse of the area's natural beauty. 

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