Sip Floating Rum Cocktails at Jamaica's Pelican Bar

Wet bar takes on a whole new meaning at the Pelican Bar in Jamaica.

Wet bar takes on a whole new meaning at the Pelican Bar in Jamaica. This floating bar, which sits on top of a few dozen wooden pillars in the shallows of Treasure Beach, has managed to stay afloat after numerous hurricanes that have ripped through the area, thanks to locals who pooled together their resources to fix and rebuilt the joint time and time again. There's even a hammock within the bar, so you can swing and close your eyes as the sounds of the sea and boisterous conversation fill your ears.

If you're staying at any of the Caribbean villas in Jamaica this holiday season, there may be no better way to take in local nuances than paying this popular spot a visit. Owned by local fisherman Floyd Forbes, the Pelican Bar, which is named for the hundreds of pelicans that dot the nearby shore, was originally intended to be a small hangout for Forbes and his buddies. Word quickly spread after construction was completed in 2001 that this bar was definitely the place to be in Jamaica, and Forbes soon began to make rum punch cocktails for dozens of patrons at a time.

Since the bar is located in the shallows, you'll have to get a little wet to take part in the fun, and if it's high tide you might even have to swim your way to the front door. The mild workout is worth every effort because you'll soon be dancing to reggae music and meeting other travelers who are just as adventurous as you are.

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