Reviews for 6 Staffed Villas

See what past guests have to say about staying in a fully staffed villa.

On your next getaway, focus on fun and relaxation… we’ve got everything else covered. Many of our villas in top destinations are fully staffed, so you don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, and taking care of other daily tasks. And not only does a personal staff allow you more unwind time – they frequently become a highlight of guests’ villa stays. You don’t have to take our word for it:  

Villa Adorna, Italy 


Seven-bedroom Tuscany villa; staff includes cook, butler, and housekeeper 

“Mariella and staff gave us not only good service but also shared such positive spirit with us – we were delighted to greet them every morning. Thank you and your staff for good food, good spirit, and for Mariellas’s good suggestions for restaurants and travel advice.” – the C. Family, June 2016

Sea Shell, Barbados

Sea Shell

Open, airy beachfront villa; staff includes cook (with choice of two meals) and housekeeper

“The team was amazing. We arrived late afternoon and were met by the villa staff, Sonia and Susan, who have both been working at the villa for over 10 years. They showed us around, explained everything, and then left us to settle in. Sonia prepares two consecutive meals – she is a fabulous cook. Susan keeps everything spotless and even does your laundry daily!” – Jill M, December 2016

Noble House on the Beach, Jamaica 

Noble House on the Beach

Elegant pavilion-style seaside home; staff includes chef, butler, gardeners, housekeepers, and laundress

“Where do I start with the staff! They were superb!! Their attention to detail was amazing, along with all of the little touches that made our stay wonderful. Each and every one of them are to be commended on a job well done. We had some of the best food ever, thanks to Jerome! We actually wanted to bring him back to the States with us.” – Barbara H., November 2016

Dorata, Italy


Baroque-style home atop an Amalfi Coast cliff; staff includes chef, housekeeper, and more

“Dorata was over the top both figuratively and literally. Enzo, our chef, catered to our palates, and we were never disappointed in the variety and quality of the meals he prepared. Anna, our housekeeper, was a gem when it came to keeping on top of our laundry and our rooms. What a five-star team and always with a smile on their faces. They made it a truly memorable week.” – Joanna, July 2016 

Casa La Laguna, Mexico 

Casa La Laguna

Spacious Los Cabos home with semi-private beach; staff includes manager, housekeeper, chef, and butler 

“All of the staff were great. They truly have hospitality in their heart. Chef Juan Jose was so talented, always had a smile on his face, and his assistant Rafi was always available to help. All the meals and drinks were well prepared and presented beautifully. Francisco looked after our every need. The housekeepers and outdoor staff were like ninjas – always around but never in your way, and they do a terrific job.” – John, June 2016

Amanoka, Jamaica 


Exquisite seven-bedroom villa on the beach; staff includes two chefs, butler, housekeepers, and laundry service 

“What made this five-star villa a seven-star lifetime experience was the staff. The attention to detail given to us was unprecedented. They were all so happy and polite at all times. The chefs communicated daily with us about what we wanted to eat and drink. Each meal was an unbelievable culinary delight .They even created different settings for dinner so we had a variety of ambiances with candles and exotic flower arrangements throughout the week.” – the Kennedy family, August 2016

Many more of our rentals include a full staff, like almost all villas in Jamaica and Barbados. See all villas and find the right one for you!