3 Can't-Miss Beaches in St. Martin

There is no shortage of spectacular beaches that you can choose from when you book vacations at Caribbean villas.

There is no shortage of spectacular beaches that you can choose from when you book vacations at Caribbean villas. The top options for travelers boast qualities like swaying palm trees, white sand and sparkling water, but a few have special qualities that separate themselves from the pack. 

Orient Bay
As one of the largest and most popular beaches on St. Martin, Orient Bay is a likely destination for many travelers venturing out from their luxury rentals. Located on the northeastern portion of the island, this shoreline is no stranger to vacationers - and as such, it's well equipped with restaurants, shops, water rentals and other tourist amenities. All of these services make it a great choice for families who rent luxury villas, whether they're looking to windsurf during their time by the water or just want to people-watch as they tan. 

Mullet Bay Beach
If you're looking for for a coastline that's a bit quieter than Orient Bay, you may want to look across the island at Mullet Bay Beach. Set along the western coast of St. Martin, this shore is ideal for travelers who want to enjoy a day at the beach. The crystal clear waters mean that even waders have a chance to spot some marine life, and there are also many options for beachgoers who want to fully immerse themselves in the warm Caribbean Sea. 

Vacationers looking for a place to catch some waves or try out other water sports won't be disappointed with the setting at Mullet Bay. A northern wind generates plenty of large waves for adventurous travelers to revel in, but those who would rather sit and soak up the sun can take in the gorgeous sight of the waves breaking on the shore, along with a pristine golf course, mountains and dramatic ruins in the background. 

Cupecoy Beach
There is a good chance you'll wind up at one of the many villas in St. Martin that come with stunning views of the island and its surrounding waters. To find another wondrous vista during your trip to the shore, look no further than Cupecoy Beach. This coastline is set at the bottom of deep orange-colored cliffs, and these rock formations make up several smaller coves along the beach that provide plenty of privacy for visitors. 

For a truly amazing experience, head to Cupecoy Beach as the sun is setting. While you may miss out on the daily happenings at this exciting locale, you will be treated to a sunset that many believe is the best in the Caribbean. Be sure to bring your camera along with you when visiting at dusk - this is a sunset that you will want to remember long after you return to villa vacation rentals

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