8 Expert Tips to Help You Find Your Villa

We asked our Villa Specialists to weigh in on places to go, things to do, what to bring and more.

Inquiring villa guests want to know: where should I go? When should I book? What would a Villa Specialist do? We chose eight questions for our villa experts – some frequently asked by guests, some just out of our own curiosity. Their answers could be very helpful when finding your next villa vacation. Here’s what they had to say: 

What travel items should you always pack? 

  • Sunscreen. Many villas have some on hand, but if you need to purchase it in certain island destinations, it can be very pricey.
  • Plastic bags: grocery bags for wet bathing suits or shoes, and little Ziploc bags for treasures such as sea shells (or a bag of sand from a destination you’re visiting for the first time!)

What villa in our collection is your dream vacation?

What will be the most popular travel destinations in 2016?

What are good destinations for families?

How far in advance should I book a villa?

  • Europe villas or holiday (Christmas and New Year’s) villas should be booked as much as a year in advance. Summer villas should be booked 6 to 8 months in advance. Last-minute villas are almost always available – call us to ask. 

Do I need a car rental with a villa?

  • Having a car is strongly recommended, so you can see and do everything that you want. A Villa Concierge can book a car rental for you in advance, and frequently even have it delivered to your villa. Or, they can arrange for a private driver who is licensed, insured and knowledgeable of the area. 

How can I get recommendations on things to do/see in my destination? 

  • A Villa Concierge can recommend activities, whether that’s cooking classes in Italy, a private catamaran sail in the British Virgin Islands, or a hike to a waterfall in Jamaica.

What destination would you recommend for a first-time villa guest?

  • The U.S. Virgin Islands. They’re accessible by direct, easy flights, plus there are so many beautiful beaches and activities for all interests. 

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